Tuesday, 22 July 2008

biddy biddy

Before finding this wicked bit of software, being able to talk like a robot was one of my 3 genie wish's ( the other two being jessica alba's soap on a rope and seeing the owls back in the premier league, where they belong.)
Download this and fulfill your childhood dream>>>>
VX-323 Robot Speech Synthesizer

Roots Manuva - Again & Again

This is the second single off Manuva's new Lp ''Slime & Reason" out in September...Buy This!!!

This tune is seriously Badu... Taken from her latest LP and produced by Madlib with Pharoahe Monch on guest rap duties...
Its good to hear someone talking about the real state of things instead o goin off about bein reyt good n havin loads o money>>.
erykah badu - the healer rmx ft pharoahe monch - mp3

Monday, 21 July 2008

Dubz be good t me

He may look like a simple farmer's boy but this guy is a future future Sheffeeel representer....
This is Tom aka Mr Dubz aka Yum Yum eat'em up... He's signed to the fantastic FirstWord Records offshoot Tipping Point Records and is blowin up like a big fat zeppelin soon enough...check his myspace thing right here for more info n all that..... mr dubz myspace place
Here's a little teaser by the man. Its a re-up of the Marcus Valle track 'Os Grillos' and its proper reyt heavy!
Marcus Valle - Os Grillos mp3
Mr Dubz - Os Grillos mp3

Wonky Workout

These 2 freaky caTS have been releasing loverly lowdown soul dirt for time now and like Sa Ra Creative Partners there's been much hype hype aboot them..please oh magic music god don't let the LP be a big fat disappointment.
Here's a link to a mixtape they dun released>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> jdavey land of the lost episode - mixed by dj lindsey
Also, download this track to ya big fat harddrive, press play and relax unwind... J Davey - Slooow mp3

After much time in the wilderness weez back with full internet access and a big bag fulla heavyweight tunes and rumpty tumpty mixtapes...first up....

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Dum Dum

It turns out i haven't been doing my research..The supa heavy AYAH mp3's i posted up are by an AYAH from Toronto, Canada NOT Lundun AYAH..
Check Canada's AYAH all up in her MYSPACE ayyyyyy!

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Another serious contender for track of the Mo is this likkle number by classically trained London Wideboy Rusko.

Rusko - Gangsta for Life mp3

Ayah! how ya doin?

This is Ayah from down London ways.She's provided her loverly vocals on tracks by the likes of Bugz In THE aTTIC and Small Arms Fya.. She's now ready to release some solo tackle in the form of the Problem Women miXtape.

Ayah - I Reminisce mp3

Little Sparro

I can't get enough of this tune..Its like Super RoBOT Funk from the future
I robbed the mp3 from the excellent Captains Crate Blog
The tracks by some dude called sAM sPARRO.
Check his site for more info: WEBSITE

Sam Sparro - Cling Wrap mp3

Kin do 1 BT

Grrrrrrrr howdy n ahreyt. Sorry for the delay in posting up owt new..Those blood sucking leaches at British Telecom cut my interwebcleet off. i'm currently at mi Ma's house on her computer..Its got a whopping 4gig hard drive and a mind crunching 32meg of Ram... sLOW is the world im livin in right now...

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Show & Prove

If your into your UK Hip Hop check Sheffield's Critic and the production skills of 7Hill's Vunderkid Dj Risco

Fat Dad

Some more eyeball tackle from the Fat Dad camp

Saturday, 24 May 2008

10p MixUp 2

Sounds Like This Radio Show 24th May 2008 mp3 (192kbps)
Sundays 5-7pm on Sheffield Live 93.2fm & www.sheffieldlive.org
(Tracklisting to follow shortly)